ABTR – Association of Romanian Translation Agencies


The main objective of the Association of Romanian Translation Agencies (ABTR) is to improve the quality of translations in the Romanian market. How?
By establishing working standards for the industry and by clearly defining the activities necessary to provide quality services to customers. Immediately after it was founded, the first task of ABTR was to create 2 documents to set out the practices of its members: Work Standards and the Code of Ethics.
In brief, here are some of the most important ABTR standards:
- Offers shall be sent to clients and accepted in writing;
- The 'standard' rate is per source text word;
- A fiscal document is to be issued for all services provided by individual ABTR members;
- Translation agencies must have implemented work systems which incorporate translation memory software, or at least a basic system enabling the creation, update and usage of glossaries;
- All translations shall consist of two stages: translation and proof-reading;
- All translators shall be tested before being hired for a translation project;
- A system to monitor translation errors must be implemented;
- Complaints regarding the quality of services provided by any member of the Association shall be monitored and settled by the ABTR.
The ABTR aims to enforce common working methods for the providers of translation services and to create an environment which facilitates the development of the agencies which use them.
You could say that the ultimate aim of ABTR is to create a "legislation" with respect to quality in the Romanian translation market.


ABTR has been established to identify, design, implement and support projects and programs that will facilitate the improvement of quality in the Romanian translation market, and to establish an organizational framework of benefit to translators working within this market.


Contact the association for information on membership costs.

Contact Information

Association of Romanian Translation Agencies
19 Unirii Blvd., bl.4B/1, ap.13
040103 Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +4021 326.80.83
Fax: +4021 326.80.82
Email: info@abtr.ro

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