ABRATES – Brazilian Association of Translators


ABRATES, the Brazilian Association of Translators, is a professional association that brings together professionals and institutions in the field of translation, with the objective of promoting professional development, disseminating information and encouraging interchange and activities that aim at promoting the value of these professionals and this profession.
To this end, ABRATES promotes and supports the holding of courses and congresses, and it publicizes opportunities for work and professional development. It encourages interchange between translation professionals (whether involved in written translation, interpretation, subtitling or dubbing), schools and teachers, translation companies, and other entities connected with the activity.
ABRATES promotes the Accreditation Program for translators, which, in keeping with the objective of promoting the value of the profession and its professionals, attests to the translator’s professional capacity and provides certification that assists the translator in presenting himself or herself to clients and colleagues.
In ABRATES, translators and institutions find an environment that favors development of their capacities and interaction with other professionals within this
activity that is so diversified and both traditional and innovative at the same time.


For its associates, ABRATES offers courses, indications for work opportunities, professional programs, information and comments that help associates to keep up-to-date regarding professional matters. Associates receive discounts on all the courses and seminars promoted by ABRATES and by other organizations with which reciprocal agreements have been established.

The ABRATES Accreditation Program is the only program of its type in the country, and it provides an indication of the professional’s capacities and places value on his or her presentation to the market and to clients. Accreditation is the formal recognition of the translator’s professional competence, and it is obtained by means of a specific test held under controlled conditions.

Through participation in a Professional Association, the translator is indicating to the market that he or she is engaged in a serious activity performed by professionals who place value on their profession and are minded to join forces for their professional improvement. Translators who are affiliated to an Association have greater presence, are stronger and more active, and make themselves heard with a louder voice. By associating with ABRATES, you will form part of a combined force for promoting the recognition of good translation professionals by the market.


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Contact Information

ABRATES – Brazilian Association of Translators
Av. Gra?a Aranha 145/304, Centro, Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Phone/Fax: (21) 2522-1083
Email: abrates@abrates.com.br

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