A.C. CONALTI - Venezuelan Association of Translators and Interpreters

Venezuelan Association of Translators and Interpreters

A.C. CONALTI - Venezuelan Association of Translators and Interpreters

Association Description

A.C. CONALTI (Asociación Civil Colegio Nacional de Licenciados en Traducción e Interpretación) was founded in 1980 by the first class to graduate from the School of Modern Languages of Universidad Central de Venezuela. We are the oldest association of professional translators and interpreters in Venezuela and are proud members of the International Federation of Translators (FIT).


To provide a platform for translators and interpreters to share ideas and experiences while building awareness among the public at large of the importance of the work done by these professionals and the role they play in society.


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Mission of A.C. CONALTI:

To uphold and champion the professional practice of translation and interpretation and the proper use of language; to contribute to the professional development of our members and foster the advancement of translation and interpretation as professional activities.



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Contact Information

A.C. CONALTI - Venezuelan Association of Translators and Interpreters
Apartado Postal 52108
Sabana Grande, Colinas de Bello Monte
VE-Caracas 1050A, Venezuela
Emails: informacion@conalti.org



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