Major Cities in Russia

Russia has more landmass than any other country in the world; it lies across the entire northern part of Asia and 40% of Europe, spans nine time-zones and contains a quarter of the earth’s fresh water. Due to the large area taken up by Siberia, or the frozen, unlivable parts of northern and central Russia, most of the population lives in the western end of Russia.


Moscow is the capital of Russia and is in the central-western area, bordered by the Moskva River. The city has stark architectural contrasts, being home to ancient churches and monasteries as well as large Soviet-era government buildings and modern skyscrapers. Red Square is the cultural center of Moscow. The square is home to the Kremlin, which is the home of the president of Russia, and many large Orthodox churches. The city is also home to Lenin’s Mausoleum. Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the October Revolution and creator of the Soviet Communist Party, was embalmed and placed on display after his death in 1924. His body is still on display for public viewing everyday, except for holidays.

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia and was once the capital. The city is considered to be the most “Western” city in Russia, and was actually established in order to create better ties with the West for the Russian empire. St. Peter, in his biblical authority, is the gatekeeper for heaven; and so Saint Petersburg is called “the key to paradise” since it was to act as a gateway to the West. As a result, Saint Petersburg is one of Russia’s most diverse and artistic communities. One of Russia’s greatest literary minds, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, lived and is buried in Saint Petersburg.


Vladivostok is the largest port city in Russia, and the largest city in the eastern region. Bordering China, Vladivostok has served as a very important trade and cultural point between Russia and Asia. Vladivostok’s is home to the administrative units of Russia’s Primorsky Krai, which is the Pacific region of Russia.

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