Editing Target Texts in Italian Translation

Revising and editing target texts in Italian translation is the final and ultimate stage of the process known as Italian translation. It refers to examining the target text for flaws and discrepancies, and subsequently, correcting such flaws and discrepancies. Though mentioned in the same breath, revising and editing target texts in Italian translation are two distinct activities whose spheres of operation may sometimes overlap.

When dealing with style, it is important to keep in mind that style, or the way of wielding language will vary from one Italian translator to another. At the same time, it is essential for an Italian translator to keep the style of the source text. Editing should ensure that stylistic changes are made only to correct erroneous elements and not simply because the translator prefers one way of expressing an idea to another. Editing will deal with upgrading the terminology of the target text; it will sharpen its emotional appeal; it will strive for greater impact and it will refine the style.

Revisioning with Precision

Revision in Italian translation serves manifold purposes. A translator revises with the purpose of identifying and eliminating errors in spelling, punctuation, syntax and grammar. He or she revises to ensure that concepts of the source text and its subject matter have been correctly comprehended and rendered into the target language. In the course of revision, he or she evaluates the necessity of any deviations from the source text that might occur in the target text in terms of terminology, register and style. He or she clarifies all instances of ambiguous and unclear language. A meticulous reviser will even compare the source text and the target text line by line to guarantee conformity and precision.

Editing follows the process of revision in Italian translation. While both revising and editing target texts in Italian translation are carried out with the purpose of improving the quality of the target text, the two activities address two wholly different aspects of the target text. As it has already been mentioned above, revision aims at guaranteeing accuracy and conformity with the source text and does not focus its attention on enhancing the stylistic merits of the target text. Editing, on the other hand, primarily deals with the latter. Editing is akin to the task of polishing an ornament to bring out its shine once it has been formed and set. It is more a matter of improving the text than correcting it, though it may still involve eliminating ambiguities and irrelevancies.

Apart from the above, editing will also determine the appearance of the text. It will deal with issues like layout, length, typography, divs, graphics, formatting, etc. While revision is undertaken with special respect to the source text, editing keeps in mind only the target audience, and seeks through its activities to strengthen the probable effect of the target text on the target audience. Revising and editing target texts in Italian Translation are therefore mandatory procedures implemented to ensure a high level of quality of the target text.

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