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Change to Full-time Translator

Full Time Translation

Most translators will go through a temporary part-time career before finally making the move to full-time. The reasons why translator start as part-time are kind of obvious:

  • You will become a professional translator gradually
  • Building a client portfolio takes time
  • Your per word compensation tends to become higher as you become more experienced
  • The longer you are in the industry, the more business you should have access to

While it is easy to understand the "gradual, takes time" element of transitioning your career, a few tips on how to make the transition smoother:

  • Get savings in the bank enough to cover your expenses for three months
  • Wait until you have a reasonable client portfolio
  • Learn how to promote your services, so you can marketing whenever there is a slowdown in demand

Get savings in the bank

This is a well known advice regarding financials. You should have money at the bank enough to cover at least three months of expenses. This is particularly important when going through a disruptive transition. So, if you are letting go your 9 to 5 payroll job, or if you are dumping other part-time jobs for good, this is definitely a situation when you should have reserves in the bank.

Wait until you have a reasonable client portfolio

It is never a wise idea to rely on a single client. If a client represents more than 50% of your demand, losing this client could mean a drastic reduction of your income until you thing another client. Keeping between three to five main clients, while occasionally servicing other clients is a optimum arrangement for a freelance translator.

Learn how to promote your services

Time available when transitioning from part-time to full-time, or even after you already became a full-time translator, may be wisely used to promote your services. Keeping handy a script of the promotion strategies that works the best for promoting your services will help you change from "production" to "promotion" mode in no time

Instructions to Follow

  • Make sure you have enough savings to cover your expenses for at least three months
  • Make sure you have at least five active clients in your portfolio
  • Write an script for how to promote your services during any down time in your work schedule


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