Another New Language App for the iPhone

The language app from Duolingo that launched in June of 2012 has over 300,000 users and the number is growing. The app is available for a variety of different languages and provides translation services of a kind in Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. The app is free to download and is used to translate documents and webpages, though the app also comes with a unique twist.

Duolingo Hope to Attract a Hundred Million Users

The goal of Duolingo after the app was introduced earlier this year was to attract a huge number of users, about a hundred million to be exact. Currently, only an iPhone version is available, but in the next year, an Android version will also be offered to users. What makes the app so unique is that it isn’t a traditional translation app that speakers of different languages can use to translate webpages on their smartphones.

It’s set up like a game where the users eventually gain experience through different challenges that force them to learn new words and eventually translate whole paragraphs and sentences from a foreign language. The app won’t turn a user into a professional translator, but it will certainly have an impact and will spread language awareness.   Right now, the most popular language that users are learning is English, and the second most popular language is Spanish followed by French, German, and Portuguese.

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