International Translation Day Prompts Reflection

Since 1953, International Translation Day has been celebrated by people all over the world on September 30th. While such a day doesn’t seem like one worth celebrating, translation is actually very much a part of everyone’s lives, whether they realize it or not. Even if you’ve never sought out professional translation services or even typed anything into Google translate, you’ve probably been more affected by translation than you think. Without translation, we would not be where we are today. Aside from allowing people to communicate with each other from cultures across the globe and bringing new forms of art into different countries, translation has two very real affects on everyday people and their lots in life.

Translation Saves Lives

At any given moment, translators around the world are working diligently to scan news articles from other countries to watch out for threats on the United States. By translating these stories, we can be prepared for any terror threats on our country as well as any serious health outbreaks. That isn’t even the only way translation saves lives, as many doctors use translation services to help people visiting from other countries. Even if you don’t travel, you could someday need medical care from someone who speaks another language. Some diseases can only be treated at world renowned hospitals in other countries, and communicating with your doctor would be impossible without translation.

Translation Fuels the Economy

To meet the expectations and demands of shareholders and customers, most Fortune 500 companies use professional translator services so that they can communicate globally. If they don’t hire staff specifically for that purpose, they probably hire bilingual staff should the need for translation arise. Exportation is part of the United States economy, and it simply would not be possible without translation. Even if a company does not export globally, there’s a chance its investors are from another country, and they’ll need a way to update these investors on progress.

It’s easy to forget the role that translation plays in our every day lives, which is why International Translation Day gives us cause to pause and reflect. Whether officials are using a German translator to halt a global war crisis or you’re reading the English translation of a French poem to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, translation is an essential part of the health, happiness, cultural understanding, and general well being of people around the world.

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