Arabic Translation

Traffic sign with text STOP in Arab language

Arabic translation has been a major translated language in the US for a long time. Besides being the main language spoken in the middle western, it is also a key language for the US considering its strategic interests in the region. The multiple wars fought by the US have required a large number of interpreters both in field and in the US territory. Translators have also worked in large numbers in projects related to security and education abroad.

Main fields translated

The main fields translated from Arabic to English and English to Arabic are:

  • health services
  • military communication
  • consumer goods
  • educational texts

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Main documents translated

Within these fields of translation, the most common type of materials being translated are:

  • Letters
  • User Guides
  • labels
  • Books
  • Presentations

Perspective for the Future

Arabic should remain a top priority in terms of language for the translation industry. The Translation Company keeps a small team dedicated to technical and business related translations you can count on. For a complimentary quoting of your translation project, please contact us at 212-300-5900.


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