Main Financial Fields

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Financial services require a large volume of translation services because of the global nature of the financial transactions. Some of the main fields requiring translation within the financial industry:

  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Banking Services
  • Capital Market
  • Economics
  • Factoring
  • Financial Consulting
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Insurance
  • Mortgages
  • Offshore Services
  • OTC Market
  • Outsourcing
  • Real Estate

Some of the documents we regularly translate: fund prospectus, annual reports, key information investor documents, fund factsheets, corporate annual reports, and others.

While many of these industries can generate the need for financial translation, the most common usages are in Banking Services and Accounting.  The Translation Company offers total financial expertise and translation services for over 200 languages.

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Banking Translations

Opening accounts worldwide to support your company's growth and open new markets is difficult, and sometimes impossible, without skilled financial translation.  No matter how similar banking documents are from country to country, there are always potential surprises.  Interest rates can vary highly on the worldwide banking scene, and there is always the question of how exactly your money is protected in foreign banks.

The Translation Company can help you find this kind of information and make sure that you are entering a banking transaction fully aware of the specifics regarding the particular bank and local legal implications for a financial decision.

The Translation Company translators are experts in their field. Their expertise offers more than a direct word-for-word translation by enhancing the document’s quality and clarity for the target language. Our translators also demonstrate their financial translation expertise when common obstacles arise, such as needed rush jobs or multiple forms of authenticity.

Accounting Translations

After business relationships are established overseas, it cannot be easy to maintain them properly.  For example, accounting statements, bank statements, and tax documents require financial translation to keep business transactions running smoothly. Invoices and other documentation also often require financial translation to enable business relationships to flourish.

  • Mistranslations in these types of financial documents can ruin business relationships and cause massive delays in production.

Delays translate into lost profits, so it is important to work with a company that can always produce a quality financial translation that thoroughly documents the original text.  The Translation Company works with only expert translators and specialists in financials to give our clients the quality and respect they deserve.

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Selecting a Translation Company

Choosing the appropriate translation company can be an arduous process, particularly for those new to the search. The Translation Company works to ensure that all of your documents receive a corporate-grade, financial translation while also treating all your information as confidential material.

Financial translation often requires strict confidentiality to keep business information private until it is released to the public. The Translation Company has years of experience providing confidential financial translation and can offer certified translations when necessary.  We can guide any client through the translation process and offer them a free no-obligation quote.

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