Sources of Portuguese Translation Work

To become a successful Portuguese translator one must find a steady flow of translation jobs. It is experience that counts the most on the way to become a successful Portuguese translator. Therefore translators need to find out different sources of Portuguese translation work. The translation industry is a billion dollar industry worldwide and the need of translation is growing phenomenally.

There are two ways of working as a Portuguese translator. One is working as a freelancer and the other is working with an agency as an employee. Working with an agency is one of easiest ways of the different sources of Portuguese translation work. There are many translation agencies offering translation jobs in different languages. Some are specialized agencies offering translation jobs in some particular languages. These agencies generally keep small a number of in-house translators and build a network of freelancer translators. This helps them cut down on fixed expenses and also helps them offer translators specialized in a variety of subjects. It depends on translators how they establish as successful Portuguese translators in order to be able to work for more of these agencies. Those who are accurate, reliable and keep deadlines have a better chance of earning more.

As a Freelancer

As a freelancer it is always advisable to keep in touch with more than two agencies in order to maintain a flow of translation jobs. It is of course pertinent for translators not to take jobs that they cannot do accurately, and also to take only the work for which they are able to keep their deadlines.

Working with an agency is an indirect source of Portuguese translation. There are many direct different sources of Portuguese translation work. One of these direct sources is a law firm. They are one of the major sources of translation work. Legal translation is a specialized field. Translators need to obtain expertise on legal terminology. Sometimes these law firms require translators to do translations as well as interpretation. It is advisable to be clear about what is required and only then take the job.

As an Employee

Corporate world is another significant source of Portuguese translation work. Many multinational companies have worldwide operations and require the translation of texts from another language into Portuguese or Portuguese to English. This need of translation is growing exponentially and translators are able to establish business relations with major multinational companies then they could have assured a constant flow of work.

Government and its agencies also need translators apart from large organizations like WHO, World Bank and NATO. Publishing companies are another source of Portuguese translation work. A new and fast growing field of software localization is a potential source of Portuguese translation work. Software companies require Portuguese translators to translate software-related texts for their multilingual clients. Portuguese translators having a background in the software field are best suitable for these jobs.


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