Links related to the Portuguese Language

European Portuguese Translations



ISO Country Names - Country English names and official codes by ISO

PLDATA - Portuguese Language Division of the American Translators Association

APT - Association of Portuguese Translators (in Portuguese)

SINTRA - Nacional Association of Brazilian Translators (in Portuguese)

BNP - Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal.

Portuguese Bookstores

Alibris - online network for used, rare and out of print books.

Brazilian Bookstores

Livraria Cultura located in Sao Paulo. It has a full storefront in English and delivers worldwide.

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Translation Publications

Translation Journal - articles related to the translation market

Portuguese Dictionaries and Glossaries

False Cognates - list with false cognates in English translated to Portuguese

FreeDict - Free Portuguese Translation Online

IPV - terms in the Portuguese Language originated by the adoption of English terms (Anglicanism)

Search Engines related to Portuguese and Brazil

ACHEI - Brazilian and Latin American search (Portuguese).

AONDE - Brazil Search (Portuguese).

BOIBAO - Agriculture/rural search engine for Brazil (Portuguese).

BUSCADOR UOL - search engine by the largest Brazilian portal (Portuguese).

EXPLOORA - global search Engine! (Portuguese).

Search Engines related to Portuguese and Portugal

AEIOU - Português search engine.

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