German Saturday School in Texas

Houston’s German Saturday School was founded in 1986 and has taught hundreds of people to speak German as a second language. The school also offers diplomas in German language after the students have completed and passed a standardized German test.

The goal of the non-profit school isn’t just to teach people to speak German for enrichment though.  It’s also to help their students find jobs in German business translation or German legal translation.

Saturday School Credit Is Transferable

The hours and credit earned at Houston’s German Saturday School is also transferable to schools and universities. The children who start learning German and German translation from a young age can use their Saturday school to help them get into language programs at universities, and it can get them on a fast track for language and translation careers as well.

Also, depending on what type of diploma the students get, they can become eligible to study in German universities. The classes offered by the school teach German in any level. People with no prior knowledge all the way up to fluent speakers are able to take classes and learn.

The school also has a wide variety of different students from different backgrounds. One family just had their 17-year-old daughter graduate from the school. Both parents grew up in Texas and attended the University of Texas. Neither speaks a foreign language, but they wanted their daughter to get the experience.

Halla Bearden, their daughter, plans to use her diploma in college and major in linguistics. She has been studying at the school since she was three. Another family has two children in the class, but their family migrated from Ecuador in 2008, and the two children are working on their third language.

Their mother and father speak Spanish, though their father is originally from India, and both children know Spanish and English fluently. In Ecuador, the two teenagers both attended a German school, and since immigrating to the United States, have continued their German education.

Adults Also Welcome to Join Classes

It’s not only children who are invited to join the classes at Houston’s German Saturday School; adults are also allowed to sign up for classes. The adults can use their newly acquired language skills to either go back to school, find new work, or just enjoy being able to speak a new language.

The classes are held for thirty Saturdays out of the year, along with Tuesday evenings for adults who can’t make the Saturday sessions.

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